Orgasm as a Manifestation Tool

I have spent much time of late exploring and employing practices for concentration and full-bodied awareness and intention to live in a state of lucidity. I recently wrote about living lucidly rather than becoming enlightened, which has fewer expectations attached to it of what that should look like.

Manifestation of specific scenarios is a part of the practice, as I hone my skills for influencing the outcomes in the dream. There are many similarities between manifestation processes, all of them emphasizing the importance of clearly stating what you want, feeling it as if it is already so, and visualizing the details of what that looks like.

Not all people start out being good at all three components of this. I know I was not particularly strong at being able to see myself doing something, at least not in an embodied way. I was typically more in an observer role of a me that I was not integrated with, if that makes sense. In other words, I was not really in my body, but more of a spectator of my life. Additionally, I didn’t always have a strong sense of what something would feel like that I didn’t have much experience with. It became more of a general, “it would feel good.”

Recently, I have been introduced to Neville Goddard (1905 -1972), who was one of the most influential “New Thought” leaders of the past century. In one of his re-released, recorded lectures he describes a process for building the energy of what you are visualizing through deepening the breath and then finally, “exploding” the scene and releasing it to the universe to be made manifest (on the timeline it is meant to be received).

A memory of a process I had heard described years ago integrated itself with this exercise, taking it to another level. That process was to create the context for what you wanted to manifest and to birth it with an orgasm. The concept had always intrigued me, however, I never really put it into practice.

At this juncture, the combination of the two approaches makes perfect sense because of the heightened sense of concentration, focus and felt-body sense with an orgasm and also the ensuing melting of self, at least momentarily, into a larger pool of vibrating gratitude. To use this cosmic gift of creative force consciously makes all the sense in the world.

Today in my visualization meditation I imagined the spark of life igniting in my womb to form the me that was being reborn. Below is the affirmation:

I am Love

I am Light

I am Abundant Creative Flow

Born of the ecstatic union of Grace and Pure Consciousness.

I emerge from the womb of life, born again as innocent perception.

And So It Is!

All is Well!

Here is also more on Neville Goddard, for those who would like to learn more about him.


Law of Attraction

My heart feels heavy tonight as I write this blog. I am very aware of the need for a belief in each other and our collaborative potential and yet the field feels thick with cynicism and distrust.

I will relate this to two personal examples. The first was when I was working as a quantum biofeedback practitioner and some people would come to me to be “fixed,” because they had relegated the capacities of their self-healing system to someone else. They perceived themselves to be powerless to some degree, or simply didn’t want to assume personal responsibility to get themselves back on track. These were the people who were also cynical about there being no real options. Essentially, they had set themselves up in a no-win scenario and they could prove to the world, once again, that they were right and that people should be wary, lest they become victims.

The second situation has to do with the desire in people for getting rich quick, or at least for a relatively rapid leveling of the economic playing field. We both want this and are conditioned to believe it is not possible. So, any propositions or attempts to that end are attacked as scams. (I’m not suggesting there aren’t real scams, but might there be fewer if we weren’t anticipating them?) We “ask” for the opportunity, it is “given” and then we throw everything we can at it to see how long it can endure before the offering is withdrawn, or turns sour in a way that can be held up to prove that we were right in doubting.

It’s like the faithful partner who is always accused of cheating. That person may not end up cheating, but they likely will end up leaving the relationship, when there is no way of “doing it right.” I have always believed that people will rise or fall based on what we believe of them.

Basically, you can’t have a foot in two camps and hope to achieve what you say you desire. Perhaps it’s time to do some deep reflection to find out how congruent we are in our asking and to see where both fear of “failure” and being hurt is holding us hostage. Get clear on what you want. Invest in it fully, with unwavering conviction that it will succeed. The outcome is simply learning and skill honing.






Living Lucidly

On New Year’s Eve morning I had woken with a sense of a shift in awareness–the kind where it went from intellectual understanding to cellular activation. It had to do with something I have contemplated before, which is waking up from “the dream.” My attention was first on the sleeping dream and how I often find myself not wanting to exit the dream because I am busy working something out. My mind is invested in completing the process, even when opening my eyes brings an immediate sense of relief and lightness and it is obvious that I have a choice in the matter.

The next layer of awareness is not as obvious and that is waking from the “waking dream,” or being lucid within that dream. Again, there is an investment of mind to complete or address issues before me. In this case, I can’t just open my physical eyes and have the scene I was engaged with disappear. However, there is a similar truth that applies–opening the eyes changes the landscape. In this case the eyes are ethereal–perhaps the “third eye” or maybe even beyond that.

The waking dream is a bit more complex in mastering. Paradox and moving choice points require new levels of skill and awareness to navigate. There appear to be things that need to be cleared before we can move on, but is that really true? There is also opportunity in honing ones chosen role into a work of art, just as with a character actor who gives the performance of a lifetime and yet can walk off the stage unidentified with the role.

Most know the saying that Christ was in the world, but not of the world. It could also be stated that he was in the dream, but not of the dream. I have heard contemporary spiritual teachers say, this is a time when we chose to celebrate being awake in form, as the form and through the form and to inhabit the body fully for anchoring higher expressions of love and our creative potential.

To be lucid is to be illuminated. So, let us make this a year of living lucidly. I will be playing with some audio recordings to see how they might serve in this process. Stay tuned!

Woman one with nature


The Importance of Beauty

.heart plants

Source of image unknown.

I just returned from a morning walk around the sculpture gardens in Loveland, Colorado. It is such a place of peace and beauty, my soul surrenders to no time and anything that speaks of other than the perfect design falls away. The entwining of magnificent natural beauty and exquisite human creativity whispers in my ear, This is what it is all about.

Come away from your computers, cell phones, TVs and numbing substances for a moment–step through whatever portal of beauty you find in the natural world and give thanks for the breath in your body that allows you to take it in and find the inspiration to create the new world with a simple garden.

You need not worry that you’ll miss something. This is what you are missing.

I love you, LIFE. I love you.


The New Human

Pure magic

In recent months I have become increasingly aware of being different than before . . . of being new and awake to an essence that is inextricably undifferentiated. While there are many who are sharing a similar dissolving of the edges that defined a self, there is to some extent still a desire to define what this emerging evolutionary impulse is. I have noticed a need for some to create discussion groups around it and that’s fine. Yet I’m not feeling the same need. A focus on personal growth has given way to an inclusive flow that simultaneously holds contentment and a passionate desire to create.

When the circumstances of my life show up differently than what I had intended, I no longer interpret that as resulting from something broken in me that needs to be adjusted–a shadow aspect or a limiting belief begging to be resolved. Rather, there is a wholeness that humbles me to the human experience and delights as consciousness is finally given permission to explore it all with loving presence.

This new impulse isn’t personal, although it is unique. It wants to play in the world, to express in form what hasn’t yet been tasted. There is an innocence to it and I am reminded of Christ’s words that we must become as a child again, if we are to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Do you feel this in yourself? Are you aware of the beauty of your essence . . . the perfection of what has always been you? I will find you there as our eyes meet in wordless recognition. Come, let us be what is effortless, as the wonders of the universe lays jewels upon our shore.




We Always Get All of It

Woman one with nature

Image source unkown

As I deepen into a journey of living awareness of the divine intelligence that has chosen to play in this life through this being named, Dawn, I become more and more comfortable with the fact that awakening doesn’t mean only having blissful experiences. What it does mean is that there is an indescribable peace that is not dependent on circumstances–“the peace that passeth all understanding.”

It also means that I don’t judge myself for having somehow screwed up the abundance formula when I find myself still riding the edge of what is comfortable in terms of what we call security or stability. Rather, I thank the intelligence in me for having the courage to meet the fear so many don’t want to face and ask myself, How do I make a gift of this?” What do I create from it that serves the collective evolution?

Many are aligning with the evolutionary impulse to realize our greater potential and to bring about a world awakened to its own beauty. We are here to inhabit these bodies fully and reverently and to celebrate the co-creative potential that comes online when we recognize what has always been present within us as an intricately entwined urge to expand the boundaries of what we believed possible. I experience spirit being delighted by such a conscious playground. It is like a parent watching and encouraging their child to soar to their full glory. It is also similar to a one-man play reflecting on different aspects of the self. This relationship is ineffably close and the sense of alone is inconceivable.

Breathe and feel into this in yourself, knowing that along that path the child within you will stumble and likely will encounter hardships, but these are the character builders that sweeten the victory. They are not what define the child who is on a journey.